Rationing is here!


My husband just had his oxygen delivered and we were told that no matter how much oxygen you need the government will only pay $129.00 a month. You really thought you were immune to Obamacare and rationing?

My husband is in a program thatís administered by Department of Labor, but itís private money from a settlement and is in a trust fund. They wonít get away with it because of the settlement that was agreed on, which says whatever he requires he gets. My worry is for those on Medicare and Medicaid. You have no recourse or ombudsman to take up your cause as we do.

All of you who thought just because you will get a health card saying youíre covered have been conned big time. Just ask your doctor who has had to put in new programs on their computers. All the offices weíve been to have said itís a nightmare, time consuming and costly. Thatís time and money that could be spent on your care. I know some people believed that they would get their care free. They may get it free but what kind of care will it be? How many things will no longer be covered, what tests, what medicines? If theyíre rationing oxygen for people who canít breathe, just how compassionate do you think theyíll be with you?

Careful what you wish for and always remember thereís no free lunch and in this case no free medical care.

Catherine Spencer