Take that, disrespectful Democrats


Those of a Democratic liberal mindset seem to think that the United States Constitution guarantees them whatever selfish interest or asinine disagreement that serves their particular purpose to spite others. The so-called Democratic party is filled with people who are patently passive aggressive and disrespectful, and now even more so as if the fact that one of them is “acting” as president of the United States gives them a license to do so.

The Socialist Democrats may be right, however, that they have the right to be dishonest, disrespectful and degenerate, to lie, to steal, to kill, to utter their subversive separatist sedition to overrule the Constitution with dissent and communist anarchy citing the First Amendment. The only thing that their actions prove is how forgiving the Constitution is and the contempt that the Socialist Democratic Party and their president have for the United States Constitution.

Gordon Black