Kemp would do no good for the county


In the June 30th Journal, Greg Kemp writes that he should be taken seriously as an unaffiliated candidate for county commissioner. Kemp is a power hungry buffoon, who, as president of the Cedar Mesa Ranches Homeowners Association, has wasted thousands of dollars of lot owners’ money attempting to rewrite the covenants of our community. When the lot owners did not approve the expansion of the covenants from two original pages to a 32-page draconian tome, Kemp and his cohorts took the lot owners to court asking Judge Plewe to forcibly adopt the covenants over the two negative votes of the members. Fortunately, 59 lot owners rose and fought Kemp and his band of raiders, and Judge Plewe ruled against Kemp’s fascist take on “community service” (case number 2011CV200, District Court Montezuma County).

People like Kemp don’t believe they should represent the people they are supposed to represent. They believe they should do what they damn well please because they know better. Greg Kemp as county commissioner would do no good for Montezuma County.

Torin Andrews


Via email

Editor’s note: Greg Kemp is an unaffiliated candidate for Montezuma County commissioner, District 3. He will face GOP primary winner Dewayne Findley and unaffiliated candidate Larry Don Suckla in the November general election.