3,600 mile pledge

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$PHOTOCREDIT_ON$In 2012 Gene Connor will travel 3,600 miles from San Diego to New York Ö on a bicycle. On Saturday, July 7 heíll arrive in Cortez, two weeks after setting out from San Diego to cycle across America to raise money for New York stateís Sunrise Day Camp, the only dedicated day camp in the nation for children with cancer and their siblings. The next leg of his trip will be from Cortez to Pagosa Springs, 110 miles away. If all goes as planned, he will pull into the campís grounds in Wheatley Heights, N.Y. on August 26. Along the way, in addition to raising much-needed funds, heíll spread the word about the work Sunrise is doing.In 2007 Gene Connor rode more than 2,000 miles and raised $12,000 to fight cancer. This time heís hitting the road with a fundraising goal of $50,000.Heís pledged himself to help Sunrise Day Camp, where he spends his summers working with children with cancer and their siblings. To learn more about the camp, visit www.SunriseDayCamp.org.$PHOTOCREDIT_OFF$

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