Don’t call us whiners


Donít you just love when someone tells you youíre a whiner when you express yourself about a job not finished. One letter writer drove down our road once, so now heís an expert on what weíre dealing with on a daily basis. One trip down Roads 25, 27 and H does not an expert make.

You always know when youíre dealing with a liberal because they set out to make you feel guilty about objecting when a job isnít finished in a timely manner and then they compare apples to oranges. Now we canít complain because of the fires. What are earth does that have to do with the Montezuma County Road Department not doing its job?

Our hearts go out to those whose lives will be forever changed by the fires and now they say they were started by kids, another sadness for that community. We pray daily for those who are fighting those fires and those who donít know when it will end.

If you donít have a dog in the fight then be quiet. We have the right to express ourselves when our roads have been destroyed since May and no explanation forthcoming. We had paved roads, lots of potholes but no complaints from us then, and now we have washboard dangerous roads. Hazardous to drive on, bad for anyone with breathing problems such as my husband and if we get a good rain it will be a nightmare. So please, till you have to deal with this on a day-to-day basis, stop trying to make those of us who choose to fight back feel guilty and donít call us whiners.

Catherine Spencer


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