Positive experiences with Cortez businesses


We recently found ourselves needing to upgrade our kitchen.We finally bought our cabinets fromRobert Baxtrom, which turned out to be a very positive experience, with no regrets!

We then bought our granite countertop from Timberline Tile and also had them lay the tile in our kitchen and dining room.We then had a retired friend, who had laid carpet for most of his life, in the Bayfield, Durango area, tuck the carpet against the tile in the doorways and living room entry.His comment about the tile job was: I have laid carpet against lots of tile jobs, but I have never seen a job as perfect as this one before!The man is a real quality craftsman, isnt he?He then looked at the granite top and said: I know there is a seam here somewhere.He did find the seam, but the light had to be just right!

We appreciate these Cortez businesses for making our kitchen 100 percent better than it was!

Marc and Betty Semadeni

Dove Creek

Via email