Good schools drive economic growth


Congratulations to both the Cortez and Dolores school districts for gaining approval of the BEST grants from the state to improve the infrastructure of their educational facilities. Also congratulations to the citizens of these districts who will, in November, vote not only in support of education but also of our economy in approving a local bond issue.

We all know that the economy of Montezuma County is in dire need of a kick start. What could be a better economic help than approving these two bond issues? Ask anyone involved in bringing either new business or new employees into our community about one of the biggest stumbling blocks and the quality of our schools is always mentioned. As of today new residents are overwhelmingly asking to find housing within the Dolores school district boundaries. Dolores recently placed in the top 10 percent of all schools in the state. That is something that folks willing to invest in our community are looking for. They want it either for their own families, as a draw for qualified employees moving here or for qualified locals to hire. A community that repeatedly votes against education also votes against their own financial improvement.

Letís pull together and approve these much-needed state grants. Letís not worry again if FFA or other programs might be cut. Letís show potential investors in Montezuma County that we have an educational system they can be proud of and a community that they should invest in. Approve the BEST grants in November!

Jim Skvorc


Via email