Update on the sorry excuse for a road


Yesterday a water truck and a sweeper of some sort Iíve never seen before showed up on our Road 25 and a futile attempt was made to improve our washboard road. Drove down it this morning in the vain hope it wouldnít shake us and our vehicle in such a way our heads wouldnít remain firmly on our necks. The road is worse than it was. A short distance going north on 25 the middle has a definite ridge it didnít have before yesterday. We will have to take the long way around to town using a lot more time and fuel. Still not a happy camper.

Exactly who was the brilliant engineer who designed this debacle and what was his plan? Was it one of those theories or visions in place of actual experience or what? What did we, the taxpayers, pay for this brilliant design and destruction of three perfectly usable roads?

Tried to get to my mailbox without getting on the road and found it impossible as they had piled dirt and gravel right next to my box. Why donít you bring back some of the old timers who actually know what theyíre doing?

County commissioners, you should hang your heads in shame over this mess. Why hasnít there been even one article in the paper explaining this mess on three of the busiest county roads around and when we can expect our paved roads back?

Catherine Spencer


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