Orders went out from the Bilderbergers


May 30 to June 1, 2012, the exclusive Bilderberg group held their yearly meeting behind guarded walls to formulate plans for their flunkies to impose on the populations. This year mainly was on the upcoming November election. The running mates were picked and orders went out to the already handpicked puppets, Obama and Romney. Romney is to select Sen. Marco Rubio as the GOP vice-presidential candidate, and Sen. John Kerry for the Democrats. Puppet Mitt Romney wasted no time mentioning who he was “vetting” — surprise, surprise

I had no doubts from the start of this phony show who was to be the GOP candidate, it was so obvious. Select Obama, and we get much more of the same; select Romney, and we get another phony war in Iran to serve the Zionist wish list. And America continues to go down, which is what the so-called elite wants; America must come to its knees to welcome in the New World Order — in other words, become slaves to a system imposed by a few who believs they are entitled to this world and everything in it.

Will they succeed? Not according to the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

Gene Clark


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