What are your thoughts on the Weber Fire?

  • Elizabeth Jacobs

    computer work I’m very grateful to Mancos firefighters and the other firefighters that have come to do such a good job protecting lives and property. I just want to say thank you.

  • Lee Pavica

    blacksmith When things get bad itís really great to see people get together and help each other.

  • Maddy Williams retired Iím recovering from chemo and the air was polluted and the ash was even in my house. I could feel the stress and it pushed me back down after my chemo.

  • Jim Fenberg

    rancher They did a great job. I live across the highway from the towers. It was a scary situation. It looks like they did a great job.

  • Alice Franklin

    retired It was pretty rough when I first saw it. Weíre coping. My son evacuated me and Iíve been living with him.

  • Dustin Stein

    farmer Itís a matter of how people get together. The community as a whole does better when individuals come together to help each other.