Furse is the right choice


I have sat back for months reading the letters to the editor concerning the current district attorney’s race. I have read many letters stating that Russ Wasley is the right man for the job. One letter went on to point out the recent convictions he has attained.

First of all, of those eight convictions, five were plea bargains. The only cases that went to trial were Tutt (who did not receive 16 years in DOC but 6 years boot camp and if if unsuccessful will have the 16 years). Jim and Sullivan.

Next, to say that a judge is being too harsh when sending Mr. Wasley to school because of discovery issues — we are talking about the death of an innocent child here — is absolutely amazing. Speaking of discovery, what about the Bieber case in which the DA passes the blame to the sheriff’s office?

Mr. Wasley was given an opportunity by the Nest Child Advocacy Center to attend a forum on child victims. The courts cleared the dockets so they could attend. Did Mr. Wasley attend? The answer is no. He was petitioning to be placed on the ballot.

I believe the choice for DA is clear and that is why I support Will Furse for DA. He may be younger than Mr. Wasley but I believe he has the mindset and ideals this county needs.

Shelby Giddings


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