As a Republican, I support Will Furse


As an active and involved member of the Republican Party, I have actually taken time to talk to both of the candidates for district attorney. Unlike most of the letter writers, I have taken time asking them questions about experience; time observing behavior; and time getting to know them on a more personal level. As such, I feel that I am more qualified than the other letter writers to express an opinion on who should be the future district attorney of our judicial district.

I was first introduced to Will Furse a little more than a year ago, before he had officially declared himself as a candidate. At first, he seemed like a typical lawyer to me until I met him at his office for a one-on-one chat where I grilled him with questions designed to prove that he was nothing more than what I had originally imagined. A little more than two hours later, I left his office thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the Constitution, of the requirements of a DA, and his genuineness.

Since that day, I have spent many hours of my time working beside, riding with, eating with, and talking to Will. In all of this time, I have come to know him as one of the sharpest men I have ever met. If he lacks understanding of anything that he feels he ought to know even those non-lawyery things that he could undoubtedly hire someone to do he spends time studying and learns what he needs quicker than anyone I have ever met. He is also very genuine. I have seen him around kids, around people who are hostile, and in just about every situation imaginable, and he is always respectful, very humble, and always willing to educate others.

I am proud to call Will Furse my friend, and would ask all of you who have not yet voted to join me in supporting this man of principle who respects the rule of law. Independents, you still have opportunity to let your voice be heard.

Todd King



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