Wasley was not campaigning on the clock


In response to Mr. Atwater’s letter claiming that our elected DA, Russell Wasley. has been campaigning on the clock, I would ask Mr. Atwater and the members of our community to acknowledge that during the recent 1.5-week jury trial that Mr. Wasley prosecuted against defendant Zachary Sullivan, he was fervently defending two police officers whom the defendant attempted to kill, not campaigning on the clock. When Mr. Wasley was preparing for this trial and spent hundreds of hours interviewing witnesses, studying the law and meeting with numerous police officers and expert witnesses, he was not campaigning on the clock. When he was cross-examining a world renowned DNA expert during this trial, he was not campaigning on the clock. When the jury returned the verdict of guilty to attempted murder, first degree assault, and menacing with a deadly weapon, after deliberating only for a few hours, Mr. Wasley was obviously in court to hear those hard fought words.

If his opponent, Will Furse, with no experience as a prosecutor, had been doing this type of serious and complicated trial, the inevitable disaster would have occurred. Mr. Wasley is a man of commitment, experience, dedication and integrity. He has a clean record and he gets results. Vote to re-elect Russell Wasley.

Jack Robbins


Via CortezJournal.com