Sheriff’s Blotter


cortez colorado A deputy contacted a male subject in the County Court parking lot for driving under restraint. The deputy observed the subject drive a car into the lot, and then park and make his way into the courthouse. Dispatch verified that the subject’s license was revoked with two prior alcohol related convictions with additional bond conditions;he also had 6 additional actives currently in the system. He was placed in handcuffs and charged with driving while license under restraint/revoked with prior alcohol, and violation of bail/bond conditions. He was then escorted into the court room for his court appearance for a prior case. The deputy had also been the arresting officer in the prior case. After his court appearance, the subject was turned over to another deputy for transport to jail.


cortez colorado A woman came to the Sheriff’s Office to report that someone had unlawfully entered her residence and had taken her two-month old black Schnauzer puppy. She had left at around 10 a.m., and left the dog inside her home. When she got home, she noticed that the screen door was wide open and the door unlocked. When she went inside she noticed that her outdoor cat was sitting on the counter, and that the cat had never been allowed inside the home. She also stated that there had been cash and jewelry in sight, but it had not been disturbed. She stated that she had rarely taken it outside, and that only a few people even knew about the dog, and she did not suspect that any of them would have taken it. The puppy had been given to her for free, and there were no papers associated with it. She was advised to check with the animal shelter in the event that someone may turn the dog in.

cortez colorado A deputy was contacted by a reporting party and a witness at the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office. A man wanted to report the theft of a 1979 GMC truck he had purchased from a subject. The reporting party knew who had stolen it, as the person who had sold the truck to him on May 13 had gone to the DMV and applied for a duplicate of the title, and then pawned the truck at a local pawn business. After the truck’s seller and the buyer had come to an agreement on price, the truck was towed, and the seller requested an initial payment of $500 to get the vehicle out of the tow lot. The buyer provided a check in that amount and at that time, the seller signed the title over to the buyer. The seller tried to get the truck from the tow yard, and became very agitated when they would not accept the check, saying “(Expletive) Sheriffs, I am going to kill every one of them.” The seller asked the buyer to provide another $500, which was also provided to him by check. Both checks were cashed and had been endorsed by the seller. The buyer decided to pick up the truck himself, and paid the tow yard $637.50 and provided a valid title for the truck, and had a friend drive the truck to a property to be picked up by the buyer. The seller was also paid an additional $960. The buyer was informed that the seller had shown up at the property, demanded the keys and taken the truck, after claiming that the buyer still owed him $300. He had been given the keys because of the violent history the seller is known for. An employee of the County Clerk’s office confirmed that the seller had come in and applied for and received a duplicate title for the truck. The deputy spoke with the owners of the pawn shop who confirmed that the seller had taken out a loan for $2,000, using the truck as collateral, ten days after he sold the truck. The seller had claimed that the buyer had paid him with a couple of bad checks, and that was why he was asking for a loan from them. The seller will be charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft and providing false information to a pawnbroker. Due to his violent history and his history of threats against all law enforcement personnel, a warrant has been sought for his arrest with a request for bond to be set at $100,000.


cortez colorado A deputy reported to a business for a report of theft. He spoke with employees who reported that a shovel, chains, and 800 gallons of diesel fuel had been discovered missing. The 6,000 fuel tank was still locked, and whoever had stolen the fuel had climbed on top and pumped out the fuel through the fill port. Due to the isolated location of the business, the only people who would have known what was in the yard would be employees or county workers who frequent the facility. The employee gave a description of a suspicious vehicle, a silver box-style older model Jeep Cherokee, that had approached the business while she was leaving late one evening before the theft. As it approached her, it suddenly stopped and then turned around and left.

cortez colorado A deputy was dispatched to a self-storage business for a report of trespass. He spoke with owners of the business who noticed that several storage units had been broken into, and that the locks on a total of 6 storage units had been cut. One of the owners relayed a previous incident she had had with one of the storage tenants. A woman had opened a unit that did not belong to her by cutting the lock. The woman was not believed to be a suspect, because she had cut the wrong lock by accident and immediately reported this to the owner. The storage unit tenants were yet to be contacted, and it was unknown what had been stolen as of the time of this report. A hole was also discovered in the fence surrounding the facility that only a person of small stature would fit through.


cortez colorado A deputy contacted a county resident for a report of stolen guns. The property owner had been having construction work done on the house by build contractors, and due to the workers needing access, had left the sliding glass door unlocked. The guns were on a shelving unit in a bedroom, covered by a blanket. Stolen was an AK47 valued at $350, a Smith & Wesson 9mm with night sights valued at $300, a stainless steel 12 round 9mm magazine valued at $30, and a Bianchi basket weave holster valued at $60.