Why I support Will Furse


Reasons other than the fact he was the overwhelming choice of delegates who attended 22nd Judicial District assembly: During the Ag Expo, when Wasley and supporters were gathering signatures, they blocked almost the entire walkway, badgering many who chose not to sign. Several stated they felt intimidated, some signing for that reason, others just avoiding that whole section of the Expo. Several complaints were filed with the Ag Expo committee.

Most remember when citizens of Montezuma County marched to the Forest Service complex to protest the illegal closure of forest roads. The State Patrol cited Mr. Edwards for leading the protest, when in fact the march was led by one of their troopers and escorted by sheriff’s deputies. Wasley prosecuted Edwards in what was a clear act of politically motivated intimidation. More recently, in another act of politically motivated prosecution, Doug Maxwell was persecuted in the same manner. The fact this prosecution was politically motivated was duly noted in court proceedings.

Wasley recently filed a lawsuit against our county court judge. This is another act of juvenile retaliation and attempted intimidation. Can you believe the judge had the audacity to sanction Wasley for unprofessional, illegal conduct during an election year? Doesn’t the judge understand campaigning and petition signatures have priority over Wasley’s well-compensated duties to the people of the 22nd Judicial District?

Wasley claims he should be reelected because of his years of experience. Will Furse, though younger in years, does not have Wasley’s 25 years of experience violating the constitutional rights of victims, defendants, and the rule of law. Furse also does not have several lengthy unexplained gaps in his employment history, one of 15 months duration.

The legal system in our two counties will not withstand the unnecessary friction Wasley has created with local judges and law enforcement with his arrogance and lack of attention to detail should he be reelected. Good ol’ boy politics always places party over performance. We have a chance to change that. Do your part. We have enough victims of Wasley’s incompetence. One more is too many.

Michael D. Gaddy


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