Sheriff’s Blotter


cortez colorado A deputy on patrol on Highway 145 observed a vehicle traveling in front of him cross over the yellow center divider twice. He pulled the car over and contacted the female driver. The deputy could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage and observed several other indicators of intoxication from the driver. The woman admitted to drinking one mixed drink several hours earlier while at dinner with a friend, and apologized, saying “I haven’t seen my friend in years, so we went out. We were singing so that may be why I crossed the line.” Prior to attempting to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers, she voluntarily stated “I have been drinking, I can’t lie. I’m not a good liar. My father raised me better than that. I crashed my car years ago and got a driving while ability impaired, only because I couldn’t lie to the officer.”


cortez colorado Deputies were dispatched to a county road residence for a report of a disturbance. While en route, dispatch advised that it was verbal, but it sounded like it was about to get physical. When the deputy arrived at the residence he heard yelling inside. A male answered the door and when asked what was going on, he stated “hang on” as he began shutting the door in the deputy’s face. The deputy pushed the door open to make sure there was no one with injuries in the living room. As he stepped just inside the door, he saw two females and a juvenile male in the living room. The male subject began yelling in the deputy’s face, saying “You can’t do that. You can’t come in the house.” He was told to sit down, and began yelling, asking why he had to. The subject was told to sit down a total of four times, and the final time, he stated “(expletive) you” and began to approach the deputy in an aggressive manner while yelling. The deputy grabbed the subject and put him on the ground; he was arrested for obstructing a peace officer, and handcuffed and placed in the back seat of a patrol vehicle. The deputy spoke with the women at the scene, the mother and sister of the subject, who stated that he had been drinking and they had been arguing about where the sister’s iPod was. The mother told the deputy to just get him out of there for the night.


cortez colorado A deputy was requested to respond to Dolores Town Hall in regard to a vicious animal. A town employee advised that a person was walking on the Fourth Street bridge when a dog charged him while growling. The deputy spoke with the reporting party, who told him he had been walking north when a large tan dog came from the Dolores Community Center parking lot. The person said he was in fear for his safety and felt he would be injured by the dog. He was able to get away from the dog and reported the incident to town employees. The dog was known to the deputy from prior incidents, and the dog’s owner had been issued two previous summons for having dogs at large or for charging pedestrians. The deputy spoke with the dog’s owner, who said that she didn’t feel it was her dogs because she had been locking them in the house while she is at work. She was issued a new summons for having a vicious dog not under control.


cortez colorado A deputy entered the Ute Mountain Casino to conduct a foot patrol and was advised by the chief of security of possible suspicious behavior. A male subject had rented a room in the casino hotel on June 7 and left two bags in the room after the checkout time. The bags were held by security as abandoned. The subject also reserved a second room in the hotel, which he did not occupy. Two individuals, a male and female, were caught on surveillance trying to get the hotel clerk to let them into the first hotel room to get the subject’s bags and transfer them to his other, second hotel room. The hotel clerk denied them access since the room’s renter was not present. An additional deputy was asked to respond to search the bags left to find out who they belonged to. He found a debit card in one of the bags with the name of the woman who had attempted to get into the room, as well as illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia. The man and the woman were located still inside the casino, and were contacted. The woman claimed ownership of the bag and its contents. Dispatch advised that she also had an active warrant for drug charges. She was taken into custody. The man had bond conditions that specified no consumption of alcohol or drugs. Deputies observed physical symptoms of drug use, including track marks on the inside of his arm. The man tested positive for consumption of methamphetamine and amphetamine, and was arrested for violation of bond conditions.


cortez colorado Dispatch aired a report of a reckless driver who was speeding and driving in the wrong lane, causing other drivers to swerve to avoid a collision. A deputy made contact with the vehicle on Highway 160 and found it unoccupied by the side of the road. The male driver was located across the highway picking up money from the side of the road that he said had blown off his dashboard. The subject was spoken to about his driving behavior, but deputies were unable to observe any signs of impairment. He was warned, and went on his way. A short time later, dispatch advised that the vehicle was now in the construction zone and had almost hit some of the construction signs. The vehicle then continued east from the location, driving at speeds in excess of 80-90 mph and weaving into the oncoming traffic lanes, at times driving fully within the oncoming traffic lanes. The vehicle was stopped by a Mancos town marshal, and the deputy arrived at the scene. The deputy noted that the driver’s demeanor had changed from the earlier contact. He now seemed confused and did not know where he was or how he had gotten there. Fearing a medical condition, medical responders were called to determine if a medical issue existed. Marijuana was located inside the car. Although cleared medically, the subject still appeared to be confused, but there were no physical signs of impairment. The driver tested positive for marijuana in his system and was taken into custody for DUID, reckless driving, and possession. Deputies also found a single Xanax pill in the car that was taken into evidence.