False quote, flawed reasoning


Regarding the editorial of June 9, while you have every right to endorse the candidate of your choice, you do not have the right to misquote me. I have never used the term “freedom” to express the foundation of my campaign. Freedom in so much of our modern understanding does not include responsibility. I use the term “liberty” from our Declaration of Independence. Only when the original meaning of the term is understood, and all decisions considered through that lens, can an office holder make the proper decision without bending to fads of the moment. You seem to assume that knowing the issues would preclude “practical decisions.” By this calculation, do you mean ‘practical’ to be not grounded in the Constitution or law, and that decisions should be made in favor of whoever pulls the hardest or the current whims? Most of the decisions a Commissioner faces deal with applying State and County law and are quite basic and often mundane. Attendance at a full meeting of the Board of County Commissioners once in a while would have informed you of this. But when the BOCC is considering governing policy or new laws, the proper and practical decision will only come from a firm foundation in our Constitutions.

By pointing out that I “know the issues,” is your implication that my competitors do not? This leaves one to wonder why you would prefer such.

Creston (Bud) Garner

County commission candidat


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