Police Blotter


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to the parking lot of McDonald’s around 4 p.m. in reference to a traffic accident in the drive-through and a possible drunk driver. An officer that had arrived earlier had detained an adult male that he had found hunched down and asleep behind the wheel of a car that was up against the other vehicle that had been hit. The engine in the suspect’s car was still running. The driver stated that he drank the entire 40 ounce beer while going through the drive-through, and while there came to the conclusion that he was too drunk to be driving and rolled into the other vehicle. The two women in the other car told officers that they observed the suspect in the drive-through yelling profanities at people, and rear-ended their car while they were paying for their food, then immediately fell asleep behind the wheel as they were calling the police. Dispatch advised that the suspect’s license came back as revoked as a habitual traffic offender. The suspect was taken to jail and elected to undergo an alcohol breath test, but could not restrain himself from burping during the 20 minutes observation period before the test. He was issued a felony hold for habitual traffic offender — aggravated, and it was observed that charges should also include careless driving, DUI, and DUI per se.


cortez colorado Dispatch advised an officer of a theft that had occurred at Walmart. The description and license plate number of a car driven by the suspect and the direction it had gone was provided and the address the car was registered to was located. Two officers responded to the listed address, and spoke with a female there wearing black pants and a gray tank top and had a tall Mohawk-type hairdo. The woman admitted that she had acted alone and stole the items. The items were recovered and returned to Walmart and the woman was handcuffed and taken into custody. She was charged with shoplifting and told not to return to the store or she would be cited or arrested for trespassing.

cortez colorado Two officers were patrolling on N. Broadway and saw a pickup truck pull out of the Angel’s End Zone parking lot at a high rate of speed. The truck drove erratically, tires squealing as it turned onto another street. Officers made contact on Montezuma Ave., and observed that the license plates were expired. As officers spoke with the driver and two male passengers, they could detect several indicators that the driver had been drinking alcohol. While preparing the driver to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers, they asked him if he wore hard or soft contact lens, and the driver stated that they were hard, but a little bit soft. The driver failed testing and was arrested and issued summons for various DUI charges as well as careless driving.


cortez colorado An officer was dispatched to a Cortez residence in reference to a disturbance. He met with a woman at the scene who told him that her 19 year old son was drunk and causing problems. She said that he had tried to attack her and that she had to restrain him. The son had left on foot prior to the officer’s arrival. The officer was unable to located the son. Approximately 20 minutes later, the officer was dispatched back to the same address because the son was back and still causing problems. The officer went inside and found the son lying on the couch, the smell of alcohol coming from the teenager’s breath. He was handcuffed and taken into custody for underage consumption of alcohol. A check through dispatch confirmed that the youth was on parole. During transport, the officer had to stop his car and re-handcuff the suspect because he had managed to get his cuffs in front of him. The officer noted that during his contact with the youth, he was very uncooperative and very passive. He refused to follow directions and attempted multiple times to get his handcuffs in front of him.


cortez colorado An officer responded to Walmart for a report of a shoplifter. He spoke with the female suspect who was being held in the loss prevention office. The woman admitted to shopping at the store for detergent and socks but due to the cost being too high, she decided to take the socks and a bra. She stated that it was wrong to do so and took responsibility for taking the items. She said that she was willing to pay for the items and would never do it again. The store representative said that they would press charges against the woman.

cortez colorado An officer arrived at a Cortez location for a report of vandalism, and met with a realtor at the scene of a vacant house. The front window was a sliding type and the inner window and frame were lying broken on the floor inside the house. Additionally, the screen door was almost ripped from the home, breaking the frame. There were no pry marks, rocks or any other signs that would show that the damages were done by a person. It is believed that the damage had occurred on May 26 when the area was affected by a tremendous amount of high winds, and that the wind may have opened the door and ripped it from the house and blew the entire window in. The case was closed.