Not enough food for school lunch


Schools are a place of learning but when schools donít fulfill their requirements it becomes a place of riot. What I have faced and noticed problems with is our lunchtime food supply. In Dolores Middle School, the lunch staff provides us with the hot food line and Ala Carte but they donít provide enough food for everyone in either line. They are telling the school board that they are feeding the entire school healthy, well-balanced food when theyíre not!

Even though our school is small and doesnít have as much money as some schools, do the school still needs to meet their requirement. Providing lunch is one of the biggest requirements schools have. When schools spend their money on field trips and extra equipment, they might be making things fun, but when they spend their money on things like that instead of food then they are not making it fun for anyone. If schools simple use their money on their requirements before exciting things, then this problem would be resolved. I understand that some people will be mad that there might be less field trips, but since they are getting food, they should be able to give that up

I also realize that there is more then just Ala Carte, there is the hot food line as well. Once you go into middle school, there is the privilege to go on the side of Ala Carte. Once we start going to that side, we donít go back to the other. That is where the problem starts. Ala Carte is a privilege, but when the food runs out the privilege vanishes for those people. Kids end up eating junk food. A solution is to either make the privilege for everyone or no one!

Limited food supply is a unsatisfactory for the schoolís overall rating but the problem is nobody knows. The school not providing us with food in a outrageous problem the school needs to fix. Completely taking out ala carte is a solution. Using money on providing the whole school with food is another solution. If the spend a little time and money, then the school should become a place of learning again.

Mara Leach

Dolores Middle School student