M-CHS Spotlight Student of the week

Montezuma-Cortez High School junior Jake Sturman is this week’s Spotlight Student of the Week.

Favorite Era — 1970s

Favorite Restaurant —Shiloh’s

Favorite Movie — No country for old men

Favorite Class —Art

In my spare time I like to — Draw/sketch

Favorite Summer activity — Being out of school

Favorite car — 1977 Pontiac Trans Am

Something no-one knows about you — I am in line to be a film maker

What everyone should know about high school — It is tough at times but you will make it

Plans after graduating — College: Mesa in Grand Junction

Favorite Band — The Who

Parents names — Bill and Julie

Siblings — Jennifer and Amanda

Favorite cartoon — The Simpsons

Favorite meal — Cheeseburger

Favorite Teacher and why — Mrs. Harriman: she inspires me/ she is also a fun teacher.