Destroying America

In “Unconventional Warfare” I talked about a Chinese People’s Liberation Army book that described five methods used by the Chinese to destroy America’s economy. Their tactics involved spending huge amounts of money to create disruption in the U.S. economic system. I don’t believe that’s necessary! If you have a desire to wreck America and reduce it to Third World status I see a much easier process and one guaranteed to work. Here are the simple steps required to bankrupt and degrade our country.

Create an ever-expanding national deficit and put us in debt to unfriendly countries.

Run the government for years without a budget while expanding the off-budget expenditures at an unprecedented rate.

Invent a “straw man” crisis, like global warming, and bypass Congress to create crippling regulations and a bureaucracy that hamstrings American industry.

Once in place, voila! It forces industry to leave the country, reducing the gross domestic product.

Shred the Constitution and go around the Congress and Supreme Court by using presidential executive orders. This technique destroys the people’s confidence in the American system of government.

Staff the administration’s cabinet and czardom with personnel that hate America and profess an ideology counter to America’s.

Initiate the eventual breakdown of the family by pushing for same-sex “marriage.” This leads to replacement of Mom and Dad’s authority by the state’s authority. It also diminishes respect for history and traditions. Without these guidelines we can be led into more “experimental” practices.

Put half the country on food stamps and a government dole.

The most important social situation to hasten our decline is the division of society into warring classes.

Do you remember these passages?

“If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” (St. Mark 3:25)

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Abraham Lincoln –Republican state Convention; Springfield, Illinois (June 16, 1858))

The first quote is from Jesus while preaching beside the Sea of Galilee.

The second was Lincoln’s speech and warned of the dangers of a nation half slave and half free.

Our country has become a nation of hostile camps:

Black vs. white; white vs. brown; 99 percent vs. 1 percent; middle class vs. upper class; upper class vs. lower class; tax payers vs. freeloaders; gun owners vs. pacifists; hunters vs. hikers; recreational vehicle owners vs. minimalists; and meat eaters vs. PETA. The list could go on endlessly. Pick your enemy and the government can find a way to codify your animosity.

Black vs. white/race relations: I start with this issue because the Trayvon Martin shooting is gobbling up all available newsprint these days. While none of us know the facts in the case lawmakers in the House and Senate, black leaders, the New Black Panthers, and the news media have tried and sentenced George Zimmerman to death. The Black Panthers have even offered a bounty for the capture of Zimmerman “dead or alive.” They are openly calling for a race war! That’s case #1.

During the 2010 election, the Black Panthers setup a gauntlet in front of a polling place and were patrolling with clubs. That’s case #2.

Groups of black teenagers walked out of classrooms and stormed a Walgreen’s drugstore stealing and vandalizing in a so-called “protest” over Trayvon Martin’s shooting. That’s Case #3. The Panthers are calling for an army of black troopers to storm Sanford, Florida and walk the streets. That’s case #4. Neo-Nazis have migrated to Sanford to patrol the streets and guard against any atrocities the Black Panthers may commit. That’s case #5.

The list is long and ugly and has grown progressively worse during this administration. Our esteemed Attorney General Eric Holder has been accused of racial bias based on his unwillingness to pursue voter intimidation cases of black on white intimidation. He refers to blacks as “my people” when questioned about intimidation matters. While serving under Bill Clinton, he was instrumental in the Marc Rich pardon and the Puerto Rican terrorist organization’s sentence reduction.

There you have the formula; destroy the labor market, create an insurmountable indebtedness to our enemies and divide the country into antagonistic tribal groups.

Bada bada bing All that’s left is to flush the toilet!

Larry Tradlener lives down McElmo Canyon.

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