Stand on principle, Republicans; disavow Democrats’ votes


Exhibited by those who call themselves Republicans here in our county, many of whom support Russell Wasley for District Attorney, is the overwhelming concern that Will Furse, who is a current candidate running as a Republican for the office currently held by Wasley, sometime in the recent past changed party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. Fanatical Republicans somehow see that as a move of deception to mask some unethical desire to be elected. Obviously, these so-called Republicans find something repulsive in such a move.

Surely, being of strong convictions and principles, candidates such as Mr. Wasley will publicly proclaim their desire, based on those same principles and convictions of course, that all votes cast for them by anyone who has recently changed party affiliation not be counted and/or credited to their vote total. If a person who would change party affiliation is not to be trusted when running for office, certainly votes from those who do the same in order to vote in the primary should not count.

Changing parties to vote is as devious as changing to run for office. After all, are both actions not fruits of the same poisonous tree? No self-respecting, loyal, long standing, faithful Republican would accept the vote of a dastardly, deceptive Democrat.

Interestingly, a Republican candidate for county commissioner, a stalwart in Republican Party circles, has been heard boasting of the number of Democrats switching parties in order to support that candidate’s effort to secure victory. Surely, such a vote would not be solicited or accepted. Principles are everything to honorable Republicans who are adamant and unwavering about enforcing and adhering to rules and by-laws, especially those of their own Central Committee and Republican Women’s Club.

Stand on principle, Republicans; refuse to accept the vote of anyone who would change parties for gain!

Michael D. Gaddy