Put order back in the courts


It’s not my style to jump into the fray of local Cortez politics. I dodge political discussions at cocktail parties and surf past the pundits on CNN and FoxNews. Although I do not reside in Montezuma County, I feel compelled to render an opinion on the upcoming primary election for Montezuma County District Attorney. Recent events and tangential bickering in the editorial pages have made it necessary.

The last seven years of my 27 year practice as a criminal defense attorney, a substantial portion of which has been in Montezuma County, has given me a front-row seat to the character, practice and humanity of both candidates. In my experience, the misguided actions by Russell Wasley resulting in the Court’s April 19 order imposing sanctions against his office is not an isolated occurrence. In stark contrast, candidate Will Furse has shown himself as a capable, honest attorney of integrity with respect for the law and legal process.

Montezuma County deserves better than having its judicial resources spent on disciplining its chief law enforcement officer. You have excellent sheriffs and police departments in your community and intelligent, experienced and personable court and judicial officials. Restore the integrity of the District Attorney’s Office and the safety and welfare of Montezuma County’s citizenry by electing Will Furse. Put order back in the courts.

Rae Lyn Dreves


Via CortezJournal.com