Myers’ goal is to get Furse elected


Democrat Mac Myers also is back to attacking District Attorney Russell Wasley. Remember Myers was soundly beaten by Wasley in the 2010 general election. Myers mouthing off can be attributed to sour grapes. He continues his diatribe hoping that people won’t understand the real purpose is to get his buddy, recently turned Republican Will Furse, elected.

Myers said, “being ordered back to school is newsworthy.” When one considers this was done by a very liberal judge to a well-respected and experienced DA, it does not appear very newsworthy. An out-of-state attorney friend recently pointed out that alleged discovery violations are frequently used by defense attorneys for purposes of obfuscating the true facts in a case.

By the way, not all law enforcement officers are opposed to working with the DA’s office. Myers uses exaggeration as another tactic to discredit Russell Wasley.

If Will Furse is elected, then once again Mac Myers may have a job in the district attorney’s office. Objectivity is not a word in Myers’ vocabulary. He was a big loser once and he is still a loser, in my opinion.

Jack Robbins


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