Lots of angels at Southwest Memorial Hospital

I want to thank our 5-Star, Southwest Memorial Hospital for all the loving care that I received recently. When I was in the ER, I had immediate attention, also the X-ray dept. couldnít have been better.

When I was admitted to the hospital, my care was excellent. Since it was over a weekend, I had at least 25 different angels helping me. My family doctor is Dr. Karla Demby. Dr. Robin Page was the Dr. on call. She took charge ó explained everything to me. Thanks to her, and to all the nurses, the aides, the techs, the dietitian, the pharmacist. I almost hated to leave.

Since I also have Celiac Disease, all my meals were Gluten Free. They do whatís best for you.

I would recommend our super SWM Hospital to everyone. Itís clean, and ready for you anytime. The rooms now have one bed in them instead of the usual two. That was a big comfort to me too. Please keep good thoughts for our hospital. Itís full of Angels to help us.


Gloria Case, Cortez