Wasley is unfit to be DA


DA Russ Wasley’s crazy talkers are back. Last month they said police officers were “intimidating” them when they didn’t sign Wasley’s petition. Now, Wasley supporter Jack Robbins is attacking our county judge and the newspaper, alleging some kind of conspiracy to discredit Wasley in an election year. The paper did nothing more than report a highly newsworthy event. I spent 30 years working in the criminal justice system and I have never heard of a DA being personally ordered back to school. It’s hard to argue against the newsworthiness of that ruling, particularly in an election year. Do Wasley’s supporters not believe in our right to make informed decisions when we elect our public officials?

The defense lawyer in the Dylan Kuhn child abuse homicide asked the judge to dismiss the case for Wasley’s admitted discovery violation. The judge could have dismissed the case for the violation, but imposed a much less drastic sanction that addressed the specific problem. Because DA Wasley had already admitted that he didn’t understand the discovery rules, he was ordered to take legal education to avoid future problems and court delays. There is no dispute that Wasley failed to comply with discovery; he admits it. There’s no dispute that Wasley’s failure to comply with discovery delayed the proceedings. The judge issued a positive sanction to address Wasley’s shortcomings. Other members of the DA’s Office apparently were included in the order because discovery violations appear to be a common problem in the Wasley administration. Do Wasley supporters really think a respected judge would abuse judicial authority to impose a minor sanction where there is an admitted violation requiring a sanction? That’s crazy talk.

Police officers don’t support Wasley because they work with him. Judges and other members of the judicial branch who also work closely with the DA’s Office are ethically precluded from involvement in politics, so you won’t hear directly from them. But when you think past the crazy talk and conspiracy theories, you know Wasley is unfit to be DA.

Mac Myers


Via CortezJournal.com

Editor’s note: Myers was named by former Gov. Bill Ritter to fill out District Attorney Jim Wilson’s unexpired term. He was defeated by Wasley in the 2008 general election.

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