Bureau releases April status of local reservoirs

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation recently released the April status of local reservoirs Jackson Gulch and McPhee.

Jackson Gulch reservoir live content stood at 4,622 acre-feet with a 9,977 acre-feet maximum capacity and a 4,965 acre-feet average (1981-2010) end-of-month content. At Jackson Gulch, a daily maximum/minimum of 0/0 cubic-feet-per second was released into the Mancos River, and 19 acre-feet were released for municipal purposes.

McPhee Reservoir live content stood at 303,095 acre-feet, with a 381,051 acre-feet maximum capacity and a 282,143 average (1981-2010) end-of-month content. At McPhee, 3,453 acre-feet were released into the Dolores River, and 3,025 acre-feet were released for trans-basin purposes. At McPhee, a daily maximum/minimum of 30/88 cubic-feet-per-second was released into the Dolores River.

Questions can be directed to the Southern Water Management Group, Resource Management Division of the Western Colorado Area Office, Durango, at 385-6523.