An attack on aggressive prosecutions


The article by Reid Wright attacking the District Attorney in the 4/21/12 Cortez Journal was not a surprise to me when I consider what looks like “teaming up” between a left-leaning newspaper and its publisher with the judge (appointed by a Democrat governor). Remember what you read in a newspaper is not necessarily all of the truth in a given situation. In my opinion, it is often affected by the bias of the writer who in this case chose to mostly rehash an article written months ago,

We see most of the national media slanting the news in favor of liberals all the time. It is unfortunate to have to witness such behavior so close to home. This public rebuke appears to be no more than an attempt to discredit a tough on crime, law and order conservative Republican District Attorney. Russell Wasley is exactly what the 22nd Judicial District needs to aggressively prosecute criminals to the full extent of the law. How interesting that this happened during the beginning of the primary campaign for district attorney.

Jack Robbins


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