Sheriff’s Blotter


cortez colorado A deputy was dispatched to speak with a female reporting party about a vehicle stolen from her residence. The woman stated that on the previous night she and her boyfriend had his cousin over to their house. The guest was drinking to the point that he had become belligerent, so she and her family left the residence to go stay at a motel. Before leaving, she advised the guest that he was not allowed to take her vehicle from the premises. The guest kept arguing with the woman, stating that he needed to borrow the vehicle to go to Towaoc. The woman again told him he could not use her car, and took her car keys with her. When she returned to the residence in the morning, she noticed that her car was missing and there was broken glass in the driveway that she believed to be from the car’s side window, because she had left it locked. The woman wished to pursue charges for vehicle theft. After leaving, the deputy was advised by dispatch that the male suspect was in custody at Towaoc for public intoxication at the casino. Security video showed the suspect entering the parking lot there in the stolen car. The deputy found the car parked at the casino, and it appeared to have a punched ignition. An arrest warrant was sought for the suspect for a charge of aggravated motor vehicle theft.

cortez colorado A deputy was dispatched to speak with a reporting party in reference to a report of fraud. The party stated that he had just received his bank statement and it showed five identical charges, each in the amount of $102.86 to Apple iTunes over the course of a week. The reporting party stated that he does not have an iTunes account, has never made an iTunes purchase, nor does he own a computer or smart phone which is necessary to make purchases from iTunes. An investigation is in progress.


cortez colorado A deputy responded to an address in Dolores for a report of a trespass into a vehicle. The reporting party stated that he had parked his vehicle in front of his residence and had gone inside the house without locking it. The next day when he went out to his car, he noticed the glove box was open. He began to go through the vehicle and noticed that a pair of binoculars and a tripod were missing. He stated that his wife had said that she heard “some kids” that morning at approximately 4:30 a.m., but did not see anyone. The deputy also received a call from another person who stated that she noticed her vehicle had been gone through but nothing was missing.


cortez colorado Two deputies were dispatched to a county address for a report of property damage to a residence. The reporting party stated that he had been inside at approximately 9:45 p.m. and had heard a loud bang on the west side of the residence. He went outside and noticed a golf ball lying on the lawn, and a cracked indentation in the siding on the outside wall of the house where he believed the golf ball had struck it. He was a renter of the house, and provided the name of the realtor who manages the property. The deputy spoke with the neighbors, but they didn’t know of anything going on in the area. The golf ball was placed into evidence. A supplemental report will be done to document the dollar amount of the damage.


cortez colorado A deputy contacted a woman for a report of theft. She told the deputy that she was unsure of the date, but that sometime in the last month or so, she had a couple of different contractors at her residence, one to work inside, and the other outside. She did not believe that the person who worked inside had anything to do with it, but was not sure about the contractor who was hired to work outside. She stated that on one of the days, she returned home and found the contractor who was hired to work outside of the residence inside, and that he was never told that he could go inside. The reporting party said that she is missing two boxes of crystal glass dishes and candle holders, and other items. The woman had no other reason to believe that the contractor took the crystal other than she found him in the residence when he was not supposed to be. The deputy contacted the employer of the contractor to learn the dates that he was at the residence, and will speak with the other contractor to find out if he saw the crystal in question.


cortez colorado Two deputies responded to a mobile home park in Dolores for a domestic disturbance. On arrival, a deputy observed a vehicle leaving the residence, and saw a male driving that matched the description of the male subject involved in the domestic dispute. The subject was told to turn off the vehicle, and first drove forward and then came to a stop. The deputy observed that the subject was having trouble finding the door handle. When the deputy opened the car door, the subject stumbled out, using the vehicle to gain his balance. The male driver showed numerous signs of intoxication and admitted to consuming three beers and “1.5 shots.” He failed voluntary roadside maneuvers and was placed under arrest for DUI.