Aeden’s grandparents are grateful and blessed

From a Grandmotherís Perspective: In regards to my recent grandchildís passing into the eternal world of Heavenís realm. In retrospect did we as a family unit create such a safe haven in this world for a special child that God placed in our midst that we created a better understanding, and foreknowledge for our own lives and future generations? I am just an outside observer in the realm of Godís world. Why we were chosen for the special task of having our angel live and breathe for the time the Lord gave us the opportunity to have her with us. I am very thankful and blessed because of her life. I would like to thank the community, the many different employers, employees, friends, and family and loved ones for sharing the time we had for her to be with us. Thanks for all the support, guidance, caring and sharing and the outpouring of all the monies, time, effort of all that were connected and thanks for the minister of the church and the funeral home for all the support and love. We all need angels and support and to learn to first do no harm with all Godís Creatures in the beautiful world.

Thank you all for your consideration and kindness in this time of grief.

Sincerely yours, Verna M. Burris

(Aedenís Grandparents are all grateful. Thank you again!)