Spring change comes to Rico

Rico received a reminder this past week that the winter-like season is still trying to raise a little storm or two. We enjoyed watching the big snowflakes swirling down for a time and at the same time the sun was attempting to shine through. Well, it wasnít that easy. The lawns collected enough snow to leave a trace. Iím sure, though, that Tellurideís mountain loved the extra few inches, which will make for heavenly spring skiing.

We have heard reports from travelers from below that a few elk are being spotted along the highway here and there. Some think that they are the herd that remains on the sunny hillsides up above Redburn Ranch and even farther up I suppose. Could they be licking the magnesium-chloride alongside the roadway? I should ask our wildlife officer about that. We know that migration of the elk headed up the canyon toward Rico usually does not commence until the meadows begin to green up. Be alert to the possibility of the animals on the highway.

A seasonal change is taking place in our town. I asked a friend who is a back country skier if he and his friends are skiing the unbreakable crust early in the day. He said that ski season for him is over. He is already preparing the Gass garden for spring planting. As you all know, the growing season up here is a short one, and one has to take advantage of every timesaving procedure in order to reap a good harvest. He has a beautiful garden and it does produce! Then the real work begins ó preserving by canning, etc. Then, as soon as the garden has been harvested, mushroom season begins!

I have mentioned before from time to time that there are some simple pleasures we enjoy while living at this altitude, one of them being the return of our robins, bluebirds, hummingbirds, etc. We expect to welcome the robins any day now. Food may be a problem, but the snow is melting fast and there must be seeds and whatever being exposed.

We have been wondering how our spring break families are faring over in Utah with the cold front that came through. The Jones family finally called and it has been OK so far and getting warmer each day. Kite-flying, paddle ball, exploring, hiking ... a wonderful time. Arenít we fortunate to be able to enjoy mother nature in a healthy environment like ours?

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Womenís Club and Rico Historical Society.

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