MCSO personnel make up their own minds


In response to the letter to the editor written by James Davies, I would like to say as a nine-year employee of the Sheriff’s Office, I have always been able to speak my own mind and choose who I want to vote for. I am a citizen of Montezuma County who has the same freedoms as all other citizens. The sheriff has in no way ever influenced me to vote for one candidate or another. As far as the law enforcement taking over the general assembly, I would like you to note that seven of the 141 delegates were from law enforcement.

I have noticed that many have found it easy to speak for the employees of the Sheriff’s Office without ever asking our opinion. There are employees here, as with any citizen, that choose to keep their opinions to themselves. I’ve read letters to the editor making the employees of the Sheriff’s Office sound as though we haven’t a thought in our heads and are just “puppets” of whichever sheriff is in office. That silence is finally unbearable for me.

If you want to state that Sheriff Spruell had an attitude toward anyone not supporting him in his bid for sheriff, I would like to say that, as a delegate, I nominated another candidate for sheriff. I publicly put myself “out there” as a supporter of the other candidate. When Dennis Spruell became sheriff he never treated me with anything but respect as I did, and still do, him. Sheriff Spruell has opened the Sheriff’s Office conference room to each candidate, running for district attorney, so that each employee of this office would have an opportunity to cast an informed vote.

I am a registered Republican and will vote for Will Furse because of his qualifications. Will Furse has the ability and drive to bring the District Attorney’s Office into the current century. Maybe this is why Will Furse has gained so much support in his bid for district attorney and Russ Wasley is petitioning to get on the ballot.

Heather Mann