Don’t give up on the political process


This is in response to Cody Reim’s letter.

First of all, I would like to welcome him to the Republican Party.

There are a couple of his comments that I would like to discuss. He stated that I was “literally blocking people’s movement in front of the Republican booth.” What he may not know is that we were given strict instructions that we could not solicit signatures anywhere except in front of the Republican booth. If I was blocking the way, it was unintentional.

He also stated that I was “forcibly trying to get people to sign.” This is absolutely false. Yes, I asked people to sign, but I never forced anyone to sign.

His next statement that I was slandering Will Furse is also false. His criminal background is public record at His changing to Republican in July of 2011 is also public record. If I was slandering him, I’m sure that by now he would have sued me.

His last comment on bullying and intimidation intrigued me. So far I have not seen anyone “bullied or intimidated.” Has he noticed Furse supporters that have criticized Russell Wasley while he is trying a case, knowing full well that the DA cannot respond? Comments have also been made about Mr. Wasley that are false or misleading that could be in this same category.

Cody, thank you for taking part in the most basic of liberties that we all cherish, and that is free speech. Please do not give up on the political process. It can be messy at times, but hopefully the best candidate in all races will prevail!

Don Etnier