Sheriff’s Blotter


cortez colorado A deputy pulled over a car in Mancos for failure to obey a traffic light. When asked for his driverís license, the driver replied that he did not have a valid license. When asked to exit the vehicle, the deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the male subject. The man stated that he had a couple of beers just before he drove and that he thought he had urinated in his pants while exiting the vehicle. The deputy was able to see that this was the case. The driverís status was run through dispatch and came back as revoked with two prior alcohol related offenses. A deputy spoke with the driver about performing voluntary roadside maneuvers, and informed him that he was under arrest for DUI. His breathalyzer test returned a breath alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. The driver was left in the care and custody of jail staff.

cortez colorado A deputy traveling south on Hwy. 491 observed a vehicle heading the other direction with one of the headlights out. After the deputy made a U-turn, the vehicle turned onto a county road, and the driver was pulled over. The deputy immediately noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the inside of the vehicle, and observed several opened beer cans lying on the passenger side floorboard, and several more behind the driverís seat. There was also a full 12 pack of beer in the backseat behind the driver. The driver denied drinking but said that his passenger had been. The passenger denied drinking. The driver was told to exit the vehicle, and as the deputy could smell alcohol coming from him, he wanted to be sure that the subject was safe to drive a car. The driver again denied drinking, and failed voluntary roadside maneuvers. He was placed under arrest, and the deputy also retrieved a pipe with burnt marijuana residue in the driverís sweatshirt pocket. The driver declined to submit to a blood or breath alcohol test and was issued a summons for DUI and possession of drug paraphernalia, and a notice of license revocation. He was left in the care and custody of jail staff.


cortez colorado A deputy contacted a person who had reported his vehicle broken into sometime during the night and stole his blue iPod Nano with an estimated value of $200. The owner said that he had left the doors of his truck unlocked, so there was no damage or forced entry into the vehicle. There was nothing else missing from the truck, and the deputy was able to locate and record evidence at the scene.

cortez colorado A deputy was requested to contact a woman in reference to her vehicle, a maroon colored 2003 Pontiac Grand Am, being stolen from her residence while she was out of town. The womanís mother had called her and asked if she had given anyone permission to drive the vehicle, because the car was gone. The owner told the deputy that the car was unlocked and the keys were in it. The deputy spoke with the womanís mother, who told him that she had driven by her daughterís driveway at 11 a.m. and had seen the car there, and when she returned at 4:30 p.m. the same day, it was missing, so she called her daughter. The car was entered as stolen.


cortez colorado A deputy was dispatched to a local liquor store in reference to theft. Two male subjects had entered the store, grabbed two bottles of alcohol, and ran back out without paying. The incident only took a few seconds because one of the subjects held the door open while the other stepped inside and grabbed the bottles, and after exiting the store, ran across the highway and into a mobile home park. The owner showed the deputy surveillance video of the incident, and the subjects were estimated to be juvenile males in their mid-teens, and were possibly the same boys that the owner had seen riding bikes around town during school hours.


cortez colorado A deputy responded to a residence for a report of a possible intruder. A woman stated that she woke up to some noises coming from the east side of her home, and when the woman got a flashlight and directed light down the hall, she saw an unidentified subject wearing black jeans go out the back door of the residence. The subject ran east towards the road, and got into a small car that was parked near the road with its running lights on, and the vehicle left and headed north. Nothing was damaged or missing from the residence. The deputy noted where the intruder had gained access through a window and was able to unlock and unchain the back door. The woman didnít know who it could be, but stated that some strange incidents had occurred in the last few days, including coming home and finding the back door to the residence wide open and the lights on. Nothing was missing or broken, but someone had thrown her undergarments around her bedroom. She had also received several phone calls from unidentified females using an identity-blocked phone number and threatening her to leave her ex-boyfriend alone.