Holy broken cover, Batman!


Holy broken cover, Batman ! In a brilliant display of intuitive logic and first-rate investigative journalism, Greg Kemp has outed me, and my suspicious animus for DA candidate Furse! I must commend Kemp , that rascal; he is absolutely right. I donít live in Colorado. But I donít live in Maryland either. That was just a cover. I actually live in Moscow. I am a covert operative for the Russian Security Service (we used to be called the KGB in days of lore). I killed Torin Andrews years ago and took his place, impregnated his wife, raised his children and stole his law firm.

My mission: Find a small rural community in southwest Colorado, build a house there and begin to disrupt the local political apparatus in any way possible. The goal: SGpread the disruption throughout the country until the capitalist bastards fall and we Muscovites can take over the corn fields of Nebraska, and all those well endowed midwest girls...

Do svidanya.

Vladimir Kirchenko

a/k/a Torin Andrews


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