Guilty plea in murder attempt

Victim says he still feels effects of stabbing

A local man pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder last week for the non-fatal stabbing of a complete stranger last July.

Jeremy Harrison, 25, is accused of stabbing 21-year-old Evaristo McKinney in the shoulder with a steak knife at a Montezuma County residence in the early hours of July 19.

Witnesses said Harrison arrived with a partial bottle of vodka at a gathering at a residence in the 5700 block of County Road 25, saying he had just gotten kicked out of a residence by his girlfriend, and he wanted to hang out.

Harrison was turned away, but returned later with two men.

Witnesses say Harrison then rushed into the home and stabbed McKinney in the shoulder. Harrison was nabbed and held down by witnesses until Montezuma County Deputies arrived.

McKinney testified in a preliminary hearing in September, saying Harrison rushed him without provocation and stabbed him to the hilt with a knife just above his left collar bone and a second time in the shoulder.

“I didn't feel anything,” McKinney said. “I think I was in shock.”

McKinney was taken to the emergency room where a doctor declared his situation “life or death” due to arterial bleeding. He spent two days in the intensive care unit and underwent physical therapy.

At the hearing, McKinney said his arm still goes numb on occasion.

Harrison entered into a plea agreement with the 22nd Judicial District Attorney's Office Feb. 23, pleading guilty to a felony court of criminal attempt to commit murder in the second degree and a sentence-enhancing count of crime of violence. In exchange, nine other counts were dismissed.

The agreement recomends a prison term of 18 to 20 years with restitution, but the judge could hand down a sentence of up to 32 years. The felony charge also carries a mandatory term of five years parole.

Harrison awaits sentencing, currently scheduled for 11 a.m. April 19 at district court.

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