Sheriff’s Blotter


cortez colorado A deputy was dispatched to contact a party regarding an animal complaint at a rural address. The party stated that on the prior evening his neighborís dog had come onto his property and killed one of his chickens. The property owner tracked the dog back to his neighborís residence and confronted his neighbor about the incident. The neighbor offered to pay for the loss of the chicken and the two neighbors got into an argument. The deputy told the property owner that he would contact the neighbor and issue him a summons for having a dog not under control. The neighbor told the deputy that his dog had a dead chicken on his property the other evening and he couldnít tell if his dog had left his property or not. He did offer to pay for the chicken and confirmed that he and the chickenís owner had gotten into an argument over the issue. He was issued a summons.


cortez colorado A deputy parked along Hwy. 160 was passed by a truck traveling west displaying registration tags that had expired in December of 2011. The deputy contacted the vehicle and spoke with a male driver, who stated that he didnít have a driverís license or a current insurance card in the vehicle. Dispatch advised that the driverís license came back as revoked as a habitual traffic offender. The male was asked to exit the vehicle and call his mother, who was the registered owner of the truck. He was placed under arrest.


cortez colorado A deputy was dispatched to a residence for a report of a disturbance. When he knocked on the door a male voice told him to come in. He entered the house and in the kitchen area observed one male sitting on top of another male, holding him face down on the kitchen floor. The male being held down was placed in handcuffs and was patted down for weapons. He told the deputy that he had marijuana in his pocket, but that he had a medical marijuana card in his bedroom in the house.


cortez colorado A deputy patrolling on a county road observed a car turn onto a road that failed to use its turn signal. He contacted the driver of the vehicle, and while asking for ID, he could smell the strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver denied that there was anything illegal inside the car. Dispatch advised that the driverís license came back as denied in the state of Colorado. The driver gave permission for the deputy to search the vehicle and found a metal spoon commonly used to smoke methamphetamine on the passenger side floorboard, and also found a clear plastic bag containing a white powdery substance consistent with meth. The driver was taken into custody, and again denied that he had anything illegal on his person. During intake to the jail, another deputy found a syringe type needle on the suspect. He was issued a felony hold slip for possession of less than a gram of a Schedule II controlled substance, contraband introducing in the first degree, and driving while under restraint.


cortez colorado A Dolores business owner notified a deputy about a check that was returned to his business as insufficient funds. The employee that had acted as cashier for the transaction said that he would be able to identify the woman that passed the check, and she never indicated that the funds were not available in her bank account. The woman had made a purchase of $4.64, with an additional amount of $25 over the purchase that was given to her as cash. The woman was not able to be reached at the phone number on the check, and the deputy also reached her voicemail box when he attempted to call her, and there had not been any response to requests to call the store and the deputy. The store owner said that he had learned from someone that the woman had moved to the Grand Junction area. The store owner provided a checkbook with checks in the suspectís name that was in the lost and found box. The checks were given to the deputy for safekeeping. As the deputy was unable to contact the female suspect, a warrant was issued for her arrest.