Fire district does not need more money


On the front page of the Journal dated Feb. 23, 2012, I see the fire district is asking for a mill levy increase. What a crock.

There are several statements that are meant to pull the wool over our eyes. The statement that the responses by the firefighters have doubled is true, but this is due to a plan put in place to increase call volume so that the district would have a reason for asking for an increase. Many of the runs the department is making are unneeded. The fire department is going on every medical call that the ambulance is called for. The ambulance crews are perfectly capable of handling most calls without the fire department. It has been done for many years and there is no reason they can not continue.

The fire department could also use a smaller truck to make the medical calls, saving the larger aging equipment and saving fuel at the same time.

Donít believe the statement that promises made are promises kept. The last mill levy increase was promised to be used for equipment. This held true for many years. Now where is that money being used? To pay firefighters, chief and assistant chief?

I have listened to many people asking why the fire department uses a large truck to go to the Sonic and City Market. Again, they could use a smaller vehicle and save the aging equipment.

I say Ďnoí to the mill levy increase and I am a retired firefighter who realizes the importance of training and safety of the firefighters. Donít let them pull the wool over your eyes that they do not have the money for either one. Look at their current budget and tell me they need more money!

Darrell Dennison