Lakeside Lakes bowling results

Lakeside Lanes recorded bowling results for the week of Feb. 7.

The Powder Puff Womenís League posted The GGís with the team highs of 867/2,512 for high handicap game/series. Vonnie Rule had the high scratch game/series with 225/573. Newcomer Judy Mackinnon rolled her personal bests with 263/717 for high hcp game/series.

The Petroleum Menís League listed Eric Hart as having a stellar night with all high scores with high scratch game/series/hcp game/series with 257/735/283/813. Cortez Locksmith had the team high with high hcp game/series totals of 1,190/3,264. Wednesday morningís Coffee League team highs went to Stanley Electric (hcp game-614) and Annís Quilting (hcp series-1,776). Individual highs went to Violet Gray (hcp game-228), Terri Schmidt (hcp series-618) and Lindy Rucker (scratch game/series- 192/541).

Mixed league totals once again saw very nice games. The Oddball League listed Team 7, taking high hcp game/series with 800/2,491. Ben Crites took the high scratch game/series with 235/651. Jim Calloway took the high hcp game (262) and Kevin Montgomery took the high hcp series (675). Regina Wojociechowski took the ladies totals with scratch game/series/hcp game/series with 212/545/248/653. The Twilighters also posted some very nice scores. Team honors went to Little Bear Trading Post with high hcp game/series (855/2,472). For the women, Paula Luthi had the high scratch game/series (204/558). Lori Higgins pulled out a 230 high hcp game and Donna Case took the high hcp series with 629. Bill Bedker rolled a 288/312 scratch/hcp game. Crites took the scratch series with 692 and Daniel Schuster had the high hcp series with 718.

Bowlers of all skill levels are welcome to join the leagues. For more information, contact Jake at 565-9355.