Koenig family has long ranching history in Rico

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Oh dear! Late again.

It’s snowing, it’s snowing, Old Mr. Winter is snoring! We love the calm and quiet snows that make our world outside look pure and wondrous. As of last Monday, Rico was in its third day of the latest storm. I spoke with Jim Koenig in Dolores that day and he said that it was snowing down there also.

Speaking of Jim Koenig, we have a treat for you. I discovered a piece of history, perhaps some of you may already know. It is interesting just how some incidents happen. A while back, we discovered a special piece of history over in Durango. We had stopped at the cobbler shop on our way into Durango to pick up some shoes that we had left to be repaired and you could never guess who owns that shop — a wonderful lady who just happens to be a member of the Koenig family. Her name is Amy Thomas. Jim (Jean) Koenig is her uncle, and her grandparents were Stephanie and Anton Koenig. The Koenigs were ranchers for generations up on the west fork of the Dolores river. Her uncle Jim is the only remaining member of his immediate family. Anyway, we would like to pass on any bit of history that we can. Amy said that she should have retired many years ago, but preferred to do exactly what she had been doing for a long time. She believes that her little cobbler shop is probably about the only one remaining in southwestern Colorado. If you need the service of a fine cobbler, her staff is excellent. The name of her shop is the Landis Shoe Shop, 21794 Hwy. 160 in west Durango, on the right side just before you cross the bridge over the Animas river and before the first traffic light into Town. Their telephone number is 247-4808.

Virginia Lee Hinton (Ginger) celebrated her birthday on February 12. You all will have to do a little research regarding just which year she is celebrating! I can’t tell! We love that beautiful little lady.

Good news for Kelby Nunley and her family! She just received a letter of commendation from Southwest Colorado Community College. She made the V.P. Achievement List! Kelby is a Junior at Dolores High School and is also studying cosmetology at the college. It makes us happy — we love her — she is our granddaughter, and Jenny Nunley’s daughter.

Marlene Hazen has lived in Rico for two decades. An active member of the community, she participates in organizations such as the Rico Women’s Club and Rico Historical Society.

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